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First of you need to know this article is only for education purpose I am not supporting any types of piracy like software piracy, web series piracy, new Bollywood movies piracy, hollywood movies piracy and any kinds of content piracy.

How to download hd movies in 300 mb from 9x movies like tamilrocker's, tamilyogi, filmywap, worldfree4u, piratebay movies downloading site

Hello friends welcome to our site in this article you know how you can download latest movies on release date.

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What are pirated sites like worldfree4u and

if i will give you straight farword answere so this site's are like thief, Who are used to stealing movies from their real owner and distribute.

Just because of these site's like tamilyogi and 9xmovies film makers got loss lakhs of rupees.

These types of website's are banned by Goverment but the dark-side is that they are running their sites without any issuse.
Because they have bought many kinds of domain extions like working) link working),i,,,,,

Why they are runing pirated movies downloading site like 9xmovies?

Its a very simple why there are creating website like this to eran or make money online. Because tons of people are searching quaries like download latest bollywood movies,latest Hollywood dubbed movies in hind and tamil.

And get tons of traffic and in such a little amount of time they got ranked on the google for specific keyword.
And they eraning lots of money from it in very little anount of time.

Does is is free or secure?
Belive me friend's there is nothing free in this world now a why you are thinking that your are getting movies for free.

 Specially in case of pirated movies downloading website ,You are share your private data & personal datails with these site. 

And they sold your data to any private company for Thailand's of dollar's and they showing third party milesious and malware ads or if you clicked on this ads.

So lots of malware and millesious apps and virus installed automatically in your computer and phone also. 

How these pirates site's earn money online?
There is another question is that, how this site eran money? Because they are promoting privacy and leaked movies on the internet.

Google adsense which is one of the best and No.1 Advertisement company is not support on the pirated movies downloading site and Due to banned by Goverment.

So they are using showing ads which is designed by hacker's and when you click on this ads so there is high risk your private data.

You know that DATA IS MONEY.  And they are stealing your data for from your browser and phone. like your gmail password, bank details because most of us used to doing online puchase.

So its very impoartant you must avoide this types of pirated movies Downloading site's.

How much and other pirated movies downloading site's earn ?

You don't belive on this report that, why because the are getting massive traffic on there website so they are used to earn insane income from pirated movies downloading site's
Here is a report by AHERFS - 


You see they are earning 334k Dollars per month from a single website so what do you think they are earning enough money.


9XMOVIES is paid or free to download movies?

First of all is the pirated movies downloading site you don't have to pay a penny for downloading latest hollywood movie.

bollywood movie in hindi, Tamil , Telugu and Malyalam and many languages movies you can download from here. 

you don't have to get subsription like other orignal and authenticated website's amazon web series, flipkart plus, netfelix and many more.

you can download latest hollywood and bollywood movies for free.

Why goverment not taking action against these pirate sites?

Now you know they have many domains so if Goverment banned any domain so they parked their site on their another domain name.

And thats how this clock workds. untill the Govement not find they are used to running without any problems.

The owner of or whatever because they are changing there name rapidly, so police has got arrest them and sent them to Jail.

Because they are doing piracy of Telugu, cannda, malyalam, hindi and hollywood movies and web series.

How much movies we can download at once from

In this site you don't have create any types of account or subsription for 9xmovies so there no limitations that like you are able to download only 10 movies in a day or 20 movies in a day.

You are able to download unlimited free moveis from because this is illeagle. 

How to download hollywood movies in hindi in 300 mb and 700 mb from khatrimaza, moviesruz,123movies|9xmovies2019

Here are some reason why you should not download movies from 9xmoives - 
Let's see this
1. Ileagal site - if you are using this site so you already knows that 9xmovies is a illeagal moives downloading site. 

Because these site are promoting piracy so these site got banned by the Goverment. like, and many more.

2. Risk of Privacy - you are used to going on website like 9xmovies for download new movies,hollywood hindi dubbed movies and hollywood telugu dubbed movies.

So there are more chance that your data will steal because this types of website uses cookies and they can share your data on there server.

 3. Big Loss of Film Maker's - this is obious if you are getting any thing for free in case new movies,which is paid on there official site. 
Untill they are not allowed for sell.  

you don't want to spend money on cinema house so this is one of the biggest cause of Big money loss of film maker's.

4. Closed Anytime - You are used to seeing that this types of site got closed any time. 
beacaue they are doing illeagal on their sites. 

That's why they have domain with many extension like, and many more.
5. It's a crime - you must know that if you are using 9xmovies or any torrent site like this you are doing crime because all the torrent site's are illeagal in india.

So you can get punishment by goverment. you will have to pay the fine or you can send to the jail and some cases you have to bear both punishment.

How to download new leaked movie like Mission Mangal, Shaho, judwa,robot 2.0 in dual audio movies

I have describe all the reasons why you shouldn't use the 9xmovies movie download.

And after known about 9xmovies movies downloading site if you want to download movies from it , so its your wish.

Now i share you how to download movies from 9xmovies.cs or whatever it is.

1.first of all you need to download UC Browser and install it.

2. then open google on the browser .

3. Then type on the google  '9xmovies' and search.

4.Then you will see many results related to your quaries now you can select on

5. Now search for the movie you want to download. 

6. Click on the movie you want to download.

7. you can see many option like - Watch online, Direct Downloading link and Direct downloading & Torrent file.

8. Now click on the torrent downloading link while clicking on this link you need unwanted ads.

9. Then you will see many links for download movies try all the link which one is right and they are used to shortern by link shorter show you have to see ads.

There are so many links so how do you download links some of them are unlock by default and some of them are locked. 

How to unlock links?

you can use VPN service provider's app and there are so many apps available in playstore,these site's are blocked by indian goverment so this links not open in india.
but you can open links in india with the help of VPN apps.

As I have said that google adsense network and genunine ad network like is not suppot is types of pirated site's.

It's also known by some other name's and searched by other name's on Google
Here is a list -

9xmovies in
9xmovies new movies
9xmovies bid
9xmovies co
9xmovies net
9xmovies download
9xmovies win 2019
9xmovies proxy
9xmovies hindi
9xmovies 300
9xmovies telegram channel

How you can joined 9xmovies telegram app for latest movies updates?

1. First of all you have to install Telegram app or software in your PC or smart phone.

2. then create your account with your phone number.

3. Then go to the search box search for

4. Then click on the group which has almost 15000 subscribers.


I have described all the things which is very important to know if you are used to of torrent site's or movies downloading site.

Now its your decision you should use these website's or not.

In my opinion you should not use this types of pirated or torrent site because this is illeagal way to get entertain.

Always use genunine ways to get entertain because there will no issue with your pirvacy because you are paying for it.

If you like this article so share this article on social media with your friends because it will help me a lot. 

Hope you have shared this article on social media with your friends.

In this site you will get everything about intenet and daily updates which is very helpful to you. 

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