Best public speaking tips to improve your speaking skills

The Best public speaking tips to improve your public speaking skills 

The Best public speaking tips to improve your public speaking skills

The Best public speaking tips to improve your public speaking skills 

How to improve public speaking skill : Hello dear friends as ) know what is the importance of a good public speaker, who can motivate your employees, students and office staff so that they would work hard and achieve their life goal.

And if you are able to speak in public or on stage and you can share thoughts, ideas and suggestions to help people so that you will look different from the crowd. 

As well as you will get so many opportunities to speak with the people and it will be very helpful for your carrier and improve your public relations.

Because so many people's are afraid of public speaking, and they are not able to share their ideas, information and suggestions with people, why because they are used to think that what would people think about him/her, how will audience react on his speech or presentation. 

Now you have understood the importance of public speaking in here I am go to give you the best public speaking tips to that will help you to improve your public speaking journey.

And if you apply these tips and practice so that will help you to become a great public speaker. 

  1. Find Your Purpose 
  2. Leave Comfort Zone 
  3. Obstacles
  4. Mentor
  5. Record and Review 

1. Find Your Purpose — Just imagine you have to do a presentation tomorrow or a speech in your college or office and you don't know what you have to explain your audience. 
So what will you do?, you will get confuse what I will do now, that's this very important you have proper and complete knowledge about purpose or topic.
Now you have proper information about what you have to present tomorrow.

2. Leave Comfort Zone — If you're a person who wants to improve their personality and public speaking skills you must have to leave your comfort zone.

Otherwise, you will never able to improve your public speaking skills, to improve your personality you have to talk different types of people both boys and girls apart from your friend circle, and to do that you have to leave your comfort zone. 

3. Obstacles — Now when you get out from your comfort zone, you find obstacles in your journey like you're getting nervous, and you don't know how to start conversation with unknown person.
Then you have to try to reduce your problem which is standing between you and your public speaking journey. 

4. Mentor — If you're not able to solve your problem, or you haven't able to court your mistakes, so you have to take help from your mentor. 
You can find your mentor you nearby institutions or location or online and get help from your mentor. 

5. Record and Review — Now you have found your mistakes and you know how to solve your mistakes, now prepare your presentation or speech and record it in your smartphone.
After recording your speech on smartphone, you have to listen your recorded voice and review it yourself and find where you have done grammatical mistakes and where your voice tone is getting down or high. 

I hope you enjoy this article, if you do so please share it with your friends and family members who want to improve their public speaking performance in English. 

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