How To Earn Money From Website/Blogging With Google Adsense And From Various Ways

How To Earn Money From Website/Blogging  With Google Adsense And From Various Ways 

How To Earn Money From Website/Blogging  With Google Adsense And From Various Ways

How To Earn Money From Website/Blogging  With Google Adsense And From Various Ways 

Hello dear readers as you know well every one wants to make money online from YouTube, blogging, affiliate and etc. 

But every person is not able to make money online not because of its hard way otherwise they don't have clear guide that which is the best way to earn money,how can they make money through blogging or YouTube or even any way.
Now a question comes in our mind which platform I choose to earn money online blogging, YouTube, Affiliate program, selling your own product and etc. 

So my dear friend I am not going to tell you which way you have to choose to make money online. 

First of all you need to choose one platform and work hard with consistency on your platform. 

I this article I have to share with you some of the best ways to earn from website/blog. 

In this article I will tell you that how to make money with google adsense or how to make money from blogging without google adsense.

Here's the ways to make money from blogging 
1. Google Adsense
2. Direct Ads
3. Sponsored Post 
4. Affiliate Marketing 
5. E-book 
6. Ask for Donation  

1. Google Adsense - There is no doubt that if you want to earn money from advertising on your blog so Google Adsense is one of the best Ad network to show ads on your site. 

But so many people don't get Adsense approval on their website, so how can we eligible for Adsense and earn money from your blog. 

Here are some tips that will help you to make money from Google Adsense.

  • Original Content 
  • Minimum 20 Post/Article 
  • Pages like privacy policy, terms and conditions,contact us, about us and etc. 
  • Don't Use Copyrighted Material
  • Apply For Adsense after 45 days 

2. Direct Ads - If you don't want get approval from Google Adsense, so you can find any brand and promote their products or you can sell your website space for their google. 

This si another best way to get money form your blog and you can do add another ad network to earn money. 

3. Sponsored Post - You can write sponsored post on your blog website if you want, and I sure you want it example if you are running blog related to smartphone. 

Commpanies are launching new smartphone every day and one those company give you sponsors to write review about their smartphone. 

4. Affiliate Marketing - If you're a person who want to earn money from blog website so you  do affiliate marketing.

If you are new earn money online and you don't know what is affiliate marketing and how to earn money from it.

Affiliate marketing is like you help to sell other people products through your blog website you can join affiliate program like click bank, hosting affiliate, amazon and etc. 

5. E-book - This is another great way to make money from your blog you can create a e-book and sell it through your blog and make money. 

apart from e-book you can sell your own digital products through your blog.

6. Ask for Donation - If you are running a non-profit blog website and you don't want to make money like Wikipedia. 

Your are not using any type of advertising and not trying to sell anything so you can ask for donation from your readers and visitors.

I hope you enjoy this article and you definitely get motivation to earn money online through your blog website.

So please share it with your friends and family members who wants to earn money. 

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