How to earn money from YouTube in 2020 with ways to earn money

How to earn money from YouTube in 2020

How to earn money from YouTube in 2020

How to earn money from YouTube in 2020

how to make money on YouTube: I hope you are used to watching YouTube videos for entertainment, knowledge, Study, learning,  products reviews, and world information. 

So many of you are wanting to create a YouTube channel and making money from it whether your are a student or you are doing job and you want to make other income source.
But now a days competition  is increasing day by day and you might be wondering that you should create your new YouTube channel in 2020 or not.

What is my opinion on this question?  So my answer would be "yes" you must create a YouTube channel even if everyone has their own. 

How to create  a YouTube channel and how to earn from youtube in 2020.

1.Create a gmail account first. 

2.Then go to YouTube application to r website.

3.Then create a channel and give it a name you want make sure it wasn't existing already on you tube. 

4.Then write your channel description 
5.Then give your social handle links.

Now your question was solve that, how to create a youtube channel and make money,Because ou have created a YouTube channel, now a questions comes in your minds how to make money from YouTube channel, and what are the others ways to make money from YouTube a part of Google's Adsense Program. 

Here I are going to give details about ways of earning money from YouTube. 

And this ways helps you to make big amount of money from YouTube in 2020 and that's how do youtubers earn money 💰.

1. Advertisement - This is a best way to earn money from YouTube and Google ad sense will help you show advertisement on YouTube channel's videos.
But you need to be eligible for Google Adsense Program, you need to complete 4000 hours of watch time, and 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel. 

2. Sponsorship - if you have a large audience base on your YouTube channel so you can earn money from  direct brands promotion or sponsorship.
it you can tell your audience about a brand's promotion and you can charge fees for this. 

3. Affiliate Marketing - this best way to make money from YouTube even if you have a very small audience.
like if you're reviewing a smartphone so you can give your affiliate link of that smartphone and when your subscribers buy smartphone from your link you will get commission from the sell.
4. Paid Video - If you want you can add your video as paid video so that if anyone wants to watch your videos so he have to pay a fee for it.

But I don't recommend it, just because of the competition. 

5. Crowd Funding - If you're running non-profit organization and you don't want to earn money from it.
But you have to pay bills for your organization So you can demand donation  from your subscribers for your channel like Super chat.

6. Merchandise - If you got a decent subscription base and you are getting popular on YouTube so you can sell your own product with your logo or brand.

7. Business Promotion - If you're running your business so you can promote your business from your youths channel and increase your revenue from it.
I hope you enjoy this article and I am sure you will create your YouTube channel and earn money from it in 2020.

If you do like this article so please share it with your friends and family members who want to create another income source. 

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