How To Impress A Girl In School/College In English?

How To Impress A Girl In School/College In English?

How To Impress A Girl While Chatting In English : Almost we all  love the person who make us laugh, because nowadays all the people are busy to do their work with any joy, and they almost forgot how to laugh.

How To Impress A Girl In School/College In English?

How To Impress A Girl In School/College In English?

These are some factors which matter to impress a girl or anyone else.

1. Good Sense of humour
2. Passionate
3. Intelligence
4. Be yourself
5. Character

How to talk with a girl to impress her : 

Remember one my friend don't try to do show, because girls can easily understand what are you trying to do with her, just be yourself while talking with her then you don't need to search on Google for how to impress your crush.

You can also use these tips to impress a girl by texting on whatsapp , instagram , facebook or any social media, because whenever you Will get chance to make humour so must do it.

1. Good Sense Of Humor

Why you need to improve your sense of humour?

There are two types of people as example to understand the importance of Good Sense Of Humour in life.

If any person who can be your friend, classmate or relative create humour to make you laugh and if he or she can make you laugh, so deffiniatly you enjoy their company and you would be like to spend your time with him or her.

There is an another person you think, he did'nt even laughed in his entire life, he always think negative share their bad experiance about life and he looks sad all the time.

So will you like to spend you time with a another person who looks sad all the time and share their bad expirance about life, off course you don't like to spend your precious time with him.

I hope you have understood the importance of Good Sense Of Humour in life.

How do you improve your Good Sense Of Humour?

Clear Self Doubt - Here is the first step to improve your sense of homour. first of all you need to clear your-self doubt, because if you don't belvie on you joke that it was funny, so who would be laugh on your joke, so be confident on your joke.

Laugh More -  Its very important you know if you laugh on your friends jokes, so it will make you identity as a joyfull person, and then when you will make a joke in your friends groups and class, people deffiniatly enjoy your joke and laugh.
Try Diffrent Vareity Of Jokes - So many people I have seen in my school life, who always make a same types of jokes, In the begining of my school we laugh on his jokes but by the time we are used to avoiding his joke.

Because when our brain get surprise so it's make us laugh, so don't make same types of jokes all the time.

2. Passionate - Girls always like the person who are passionate about to achieve something in his life, and who has their life goal, or he want be in his future.

Not only the girls like this things any boy but also other people like your teachers, relatives and your friends likes you too.

3. Intelligence -  If you don't have good looks like your favorite actors, so don't worry it doesn't matter  a lot, but what's does matter is your intelligence.

If you don't look good, so try to sharp your intelligence and your brain. Because so many girls are used to liking the intelligence as compared looks.

4. Be yourself - Almost every guy did the same mistake while impressing girls they try be smart, and behave like someone else and did show off.

But you must avoid these mistakes I mean don't try to be smart and behave like someone else, because girps can easily catch your behave don't think girls are fool.

When you're going to talk her just try be yourself, this what every girls wants in boy.

5. Character - Now this very important to impress a girl, because weather if you are too passionate, good sense of humour and intelligence it doesn't matter, if you don't have good character.

Like if you're the person who don't respect their elders, teachers and their parents so change your behavior.

You need to respect your elders, teachers and your parents because girls the person who give respect.

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