How To Overcome Stage Fear While Speaking Tips In English

How To Overcome Stage Fear While Speaking Tips In English 

How To Overcome Stage Fear While Speaking Tips In English

How To Overcome Stage Fear While Speaking Tips In English

Nowadays it's very important for you to be able to speak on stage in front of public, and if you're able to share your thoughts and ideas to help people with out having any kinds of fear or with confidence so believe me this will be very helpful to your carrier.

But there are so many people who are wanting to speak on the stage but they're not able to share their knowledge and experience to help the people, because they've kinds of fear what will people think about him, how will public reactions after the speech.

Some time they think that about their clothes are not good enough for this presentation or speech, fear of speaking in front of public on the stage called glossophobia.

I can speak in front of both large and small audience, its really doesn't matter to me what is the size of audience?, and what is the reaction comes from the audience?, what I think is matters our  knowledge and thoughts,ideas?, what are you going to tell to your audience?,Or it will be helpful for your audience?

How to reduce/avoid stage fear :
Full form of fear F.E.A.R. ;

  • -FAKE
  • -REAL

1. Topic/Matter 
2. Practice  
3. Off stage preparation 
4. Relax 
5. Visualize as "Rock Star"

1. Topic/Matter - If you're going for a Presentation in your ffice or even if you're a student who has to speak in front of big audience or small on the stage, so first thing is that you have prepared your topic or matter.

Because so many people who can't speak in front of people  because they have not prepared for a topic, so have to be fully prepared on your topic. 

2. Practice - Now if you have completed preparation about your topic, it's time to do practice.

Because if you're not practicing for your presentation and speech on the stage, so you will not able to deliver your message to your audience. 

3. Off stage preparation - When I say you have to do practice so some of few people are try to do practice at home and in front of their friends circle.

But you have to do preparation in your classroom, assembly and on stage with visualization of audience, because it will make you feel like you can give your best presentation.

4. Relax - Now if you have fully prepared on your topic, you have done your off stage preparation, but when comes your turn,you get nervous.

That is the time when you have to take deep breath and drink water, then your nervousness will go out from your mind. 

5. Visualize as "Rock Star" - Now when I say visualize yourself as a Rock star, because you have to feel like a Rock star because whatever he wants to say he can easily said that.

That's what I want you have to do, because it is very important for you to feel free yourself on stage.

Final words - I hope you enjoy this article, if you do so please share this article in  with your friends and family.
Best of luck for your next presentation. 

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