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What are DVDscr, DVDRip, HDRip, BDRip, MKv, WEBRip, CAMRip in simple Language

What are DVDscr, DVDRip, HDRip, BDRip, MKv, WEBRip, CAMRip,Wvm, PREDVDRip, HDTS/HDTC and manymore explain in simple language

DVDscr, DVDRip, HDRip, BDRip, MKv, WEBRip, CAMRip,Wvm, PREDVDRip, HDTS/HDTC and manymore explain in simple language
DVDscr, DVDRip, HDRip, BDRip, MKv, WEBRip, CAMRip,Wvm, PREDVDRip, HDTS/HDTC and manymore explain in simple language

In this every ones are used to watching movies, and some people are used to watching movies on first day first. People are crazy for their favorite  actors or actress movies AMD they value their hard work, time and money. 

But some people are want Everything for free, and they don't want to spend single penny. 

I am One of those. But it does'nt mean that i have give value for their hard work, time and money. 

But some time when don't have much time to go outside and watch cinema so i will go internet and download that movies for free. 

Like if i want to download any movies, so I go to on the google  and search for the movie ' Bahubali' so will type this and search then google will provide me tons of results related to my query so I can go on any site.

Then come which formats or codec we download from the website because there are so many types of formats available, which are not original. Like -  Dvdscr, Dvdrip, Hdrip, Blueray, Ultra Blueray, Mkv Wvm, Webrip, Cam rip, Predvdrip, Hdts vs Hdtc, 3GP, Mp4 and many more.

On this article we will understand all the formats/container, codec and quality which has mentioned above.


Almost all original movies file size has around 30 GB to 50 GB. And every person has not enough data to play or download online, so, they compressed movies in different types of codecs like A. 265, DTS, DTC and many codecs and put them into video containers like MP4, 3GP, MTV , Bluray and many more.
Now you are thinking about what is codec, and what is video container.

Codecs - IN a simple language while compressing the videos file it encodes into different types of computer language which human cannot understand this is called, codecs. And then they will put into different types of video containers. 

We can play video without losing quality of it , on our devices. 

Like computer, laptop and smartphones.
VIDEO CONTAINER'S - In a simple language after compressing the video file, they put into the comparable video container. 

In this container all files were included like compressed video file, audio file like MP3 and subtitle, and many more.

Now you ask why there is so many video containers available because each video codec not supporting each video containers. 

Like an example, if you are recording videos with DSLR  so your video container extension is MTV.
Read this full article for more details.

1. DVDscr - When the film or movie is complete. So all the people who have contributed in that film or movie like actors- actress, writers, directors, and producers. 

They watch the movie before releasing movies which is called screening. 

So some of evil person to make loss of the filmmaker steal their movies and upload on the internet.

If find this movie format on the movies downloading this show in .DVDscr extension. Picture quality, and sound qualities are very well in this movie format.

2 . DVDrip - After release of the movies, filmmaker distributed their movies in the form of DVD in the market of  reg-enable price but some people are buying those movies, and after playing movies they copied that movies.

And the uploaded on the internet for free, so, you are downloading movies in DVD rip it means you are downloading movie which is copied from the original DVD.

Quality of this movie is good enough.

3.  HDRip/ Hdtv - Nowadays everyone uses television throe DTH  service and most of DTH service provider giving the recording feature in the set-top box. 
Some people are record their program from DTH set top box, and the uploaded on the internet for free.
If you are downloading. 
HDrip/HDTV extension on movie, so the movie is recorded from Television. 

Because it is recorded with direct to home service so, the quality of that moves is partly better than any codecs of format.

Labels - DSR, pdtv, hdtv etc.

4. CAMRip - If We talk about it is the most common video formats or quality which you can find easily on the internet to download. 

When the new movies real eases so people record the video with smartphones and camera, and they upload on the Internet.
Qualities - 

Poor video quality - i recommend don't download this format became its video or audio quality is very bad, try another format of videos.

The Worst audio quality - it has the worst audio quality because it contains different types of sound with viewer in the theater.

Labels - CAM, CAMRip

5.Telesync - it is like a better version of camrip because, they record video properly with the help of tripod and they get audio from original source. 
So telesync quality is better than camrip.
Qualities - 
Video quality is quite good because it has recorded properly with good camera and tripod.

Audio quality is very good of this format because it has original sound.


 6. Work print - it is the unfinished edition of the movie in these movies you can get some extra scene or you can lose some scene which is available in complete movies. 

It contains watermarks as well,But quality is awesome.

Quality of those types of movie is very good, but it is rare that you get this movie. 

7. Screener - it is better version of work print ,after correction of work print which copy they are send to sensor board of reviewer, called screened. 

It contains some extra scene and also black and white scene which is cut by the sensor board.

Because it is a original copy of movies quality is very good but there are some water marks as well.


8. R5 -  This is distributed in some specific country like - India, Southafrica. Russia. Egypt, Switzerland and etc. 

This movie quality is very good. Because it has copied from movies original reel.

9. Web DL/WEB-RIP - This show or movies which are copied from online web-based video streaming site like amazon prime, Netflix and via. Show get better quality whiteout and commercial ads. You must download this format if you get.

It  does'nt show commercial ads like in Drip you can see ads in that movies sometimes.

Labels - webDL, WEBRip, webcap etc.

10. BDCR/BDSR - It is the best quality of movies because it is copied from Orignal blue disk which contain high quality movies like it is better than 4k video and audio quality.

The two types of quality like BDCR  and BDSR.

BDRip is supirior quality movies because it is direct copying from Blu-ray disk.

11. MP4(Player) - Mp4 video quality or container is getting very popular nowadays why it is ? Here I have to use technical terms because without technical terms you cannot understand properly,

Q. Why mp4 is popular?

A:Reason - Because it has contained popular encoder like .AAC , .mp3 Mp4 and many more. Which most of the encoders uses to encrypt video and audio file.

So now you have understood why Mp4 is getting popular.

12. MKV (Player)- If you are used to downloading moves from internet, you definitely seen this .MKV extension with movie video format or container is used to using universally.

Because MKV has almost all popular and mostly used encoder like mp4, 3gp, l.265 , a.264 and many more.

It supports multiple encoders which uses to compress file size. 

13.PREDVDRip - when filmmaker has made DVD of movies, so that, they distribute their movie and earn profit. So before releasing the DVD someone copies that, and then they upload it on the internet.

Quality of those types of movies or videos and sound are super, because it extracts from original DVD. Y of want to download movies so i recommend must download PREDVDRIP.
But it is very rare to download from internet.

14. WMV -  It is developed by Microsoft corporation limited. VM full form windows Media Videos. It uses Advanced system format(ASF) container format to encrypt videos.

When the file encrypted by the WMV so the file extension is .ASF . It also a popular player not as much as MKV or MP4.

In my opinion is that on the which is the best quality to download movie from internet. I will prefer you to before download movie you must download demo or if demo is not available so play movies to check quality.

Or if you used to download movies from any specific site so, you must download Drip if is available or you can download HDTS. 


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