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What is Getty images website ? Is it safe to use free photos, illustration

What is Getty images website ? Is it safe to use free photos, illustration And vector from Getty images?

What is Getty images website ? Is it safe to use free photos, illustration

What is Getty images website ? Is it safe to use free photos, illustration

Like to shutter stock or pixel free stock full review.

What types of website Getty images is? Or it is similar to shutter stock?

First of all, you must now stock images site. So this the place where millions of peoples are selling their short videos, photos, images, illustrations and vector or anther person who doesn't have any issue to circulate their photos on The internet or worldwide, online to make money part-time or full time and also, they are gaining popularity if they sell their own photos. This what Getty images do. It has almost 1.5 million buyer or customer who is used to going purchasing of short videos or images. And almost 200k peoples or contributors who are different countries or Region. They are capturing high quality images and shooting 4k quality videos and uploading on Getty images it is a International site. If you are a good photographer, so must try getting images to make money from your photos, because Getty images is the best and very famous website in the world in the field of stock images.

What are the similarity in Getty, images, and shutter stock?

Getty images is almost similar to shutter stock because as you are selling your art, photos, images, short videos, vector and illustration  on the shutter stock, and making money from it . Just like that you can do with Getty images and make money from your photos. You will definitely get some free photos, images, illustration, vector and short videos for commercially uses which you can easily use in your you-tube videos and website without any hesitation.

What are diffidence between Getty images, and shutter stock?

Here you can see only one difference between Getty images, and shutter stock is a different way to submit payment details like in the shutter stock, they will ask you for payment details while registering like how will you want to pay without confirmation . They have various methods to pay out. But at the same time in the  Getty images they will not ask payment detail while registering until we will not get conformation email by Getty images. If your application selected, so, they will ask you for your payment details.

Which types of companies would buy our images, illustration and vector from Getty images, and how they will use them?

Here are the details about which are those companies will buy our photos, illustration and vector.   

1. Advertising company:- advertising is the key of promotions of products and service so that's why advertising company is the fastest growing industries in the world. If any company making ads, and they are targetting any specific country so, it is necessary that they will create ads with the people who belong that country, and they will get high quality images or videos in Getty, images.

2. Marketing company:- marketing  is a very important thing now for any kinds of business or services because will not buy your product or service till then they don't know about what your product or service is you are selling. Marketing company will use your creativity for market their product or service.

3. App and Web Developer:- In nowadays its important that every business or brand have their website or app for customer support , so in that case they contact to Developer to make a new website or app, and the Developer will buy photos to customize and create content.

4. Presentation:- Nowadays predation is the best way to explain something. In that if any company researching on any country or topic, so, they will need photos of that country or topic.

5. News papers & Magazines/Books:- News papers and magazine publishing lots of articles and news, so, they will need photograph to so that they will make the people understand proper so these companies buy your images from Getty images.

 Let's talk about how you can make money from Getty images ,

If you have DSLR or even a good quality camera phone.

5 Reasons why you should become a stock photographer  to make money in 2019?

1. Digital marketing raising day by day- it is age of digital marketing where everything available on the internet, advertiser want people will see their ads, and buy products, and for making ads they will need photos and videos, and as a result demand will increase stock images and photos.

2. Fast income- Here i am talking about those stock seller who started photo selling in 2018 they are getting pretty good amount for their photos and videos.

3. No need buy expensive equipment - if you want to try out stock images website for earn money you can click your photos and shoot videos from smartphones camera.

4. Free Registration - you don't need to pay any types of fees for registration on Getty images so what are you waiting for go ahead.

5. Skills improvement - if you have started photos on Getty images so your photography skill also improves which will definitely help you in the future.

Now how to create account in Getty, images as contributor.         

Follow these simple steps

1. Go to

2. Submit your email ID- abc.@gmail.cpm.

3. Select your country- USA.

4. Then click next button.

5. Upload photos- upload your some photos for review your account.

6. Review time - 6-7 days because thousands of account created every day on it.

7. After confirmation- they will ask you for your payment and Tax details.

    Some question About Getty images.

Which types of distributor will you want to be? There are two types of distributors.

1. Exclusive distributor - The distributor who is selling their photos, images, illustration and vector only on one stock images agencies like only on shutter stock, Getty images or i stock, and these photos. Images and vector,  you will not find any other stock site. This is called exclusive distributor.

Pros of an Exclusive distributor-

• You will get the best price of your Art and creativity, If you are an exclusive contributor.

• You will get popular on stock agencies as exclusive contributor.

Cons of an exclusive contributor-

• If  you are selling your images as exclusive customer, so, you have insecurity because if the site goes down or penalized by search engines, you will lose your all images, photos, and creativity at once.

• If you are selling photos, images and illustrations only one site so there will fewer chances that of selling photos as compared to Non exclusive contributor.

2. Non Exclusive distributor- You are selling your images, photos, illustration and vector on multiple stock images agencies site. Like you are selling your one images or photos on shutter stock and as well as Getty images stock agencies. This is called Non exclusive contributors.

Pros of a Non exclusive contributor-

• If you are selling your photos, images, illustration and vector on multiple sites, so, if one site goes down you will never loss your photos and files on the internet.

• Due to selling photos and images on multiple sites, you will get  more sell of your images and photos as compared to be an exclusive contributor.

Cons of Non Exclusive Contributor-

• If you are selling your photos, images and vector on multiple stock images agencies site so there is less Royalty as compared to an exclusive contributor.

• If you are selling your images on multiple stock agencies, so, you will get  as low as available price because you photo available on many stock agencies.

So after knowing types of contributor on stock agencies which best for you as a beginner.

In my opinion, if you listen to me so be a Non exclusive contributor is good for you. There are some reasons why you must be a Non exclusive contributor as beginner in stock agencies.

1. The first reason is that you won't have big stock of your own images to be an exclusive contributor, be the Non Exclusive Contributor without hesitation.

2. You get fast income as Non Exclusive Contributor because you photo available in many stock agencies on the internet , In less time you are able to sell your images more.

3. If one stock agency site goes down or penalized by search engines so don't worry your photos available on multiple sites.

4. You will gain popularity as fast as your images selling on stock agencies.                                                       

Why Getty images are very costly?

As much i know about Getty images it an inter nation company which over 200k contributor from different countries, and almost 1.5 millions buyers so, it has to manage all account details separately and It's providing 4k quality images, and low quality images for each people because demand is different for every person.

Is Getty images free to use?

Yes, you will get almost 35 millions photos for free to use but not all.

Who are Getty images competitor?

There are various companies who are competitor like to shutter stock.

Who are Getty images contributors?

The people capturing photos from 100 of countries and uploading on Getty images.


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