How To Earn Money From Facebook Page With Instant Article And Facebook Videos

How To Earn Money From Facebook Page With Instant Article And Facebook Videos 

How To Earn Money From Facebook Page With Instant Article And Facebook Videos
How To Earn Money From Facebook Page With Instant Article And Facebook Videos 

How to make money on Facebook:
Hello dear reader welcome to my blog and as known in this article we'll talk about How to Facebook page earn money and how you can make money through Facebook page and videos. 

As you know nowadays social media like Facebook and Instagram has become a part of our life, it doesn't matter if you are a student, working professionals, teachers, parents, house wife, working women and even a watch man is using Facebook.

And they are using Facebook on regular basis and updates their stories every day and share their knowledge, experience and thoughts with people via Facebook. 

And if I say how much time ⏰ I spend on Facebook every day, so I don't spend too much time on Facebook because whenever I open Facebook app, it makes me to spend time on Facebook because my friends list never end.

Let's go back to the topic so how to create Facebook page and earn money from Facebook page because you are wasting too much time ⏰ on Facebook and what do you think if you can make some money while using Facebook. 

How To Create Facebook Page In Just 5 Minutes?
So creating a Facebook page is not a rocket science, because nowadays most of the people have created page on Facebook like memes pages, jokes page, information page and educational pages to educate people.
Create Facebook page step by step:-

1. Go to the Facebook App or website (deepens on you)
2. Log in to your Facebook account, then click on 3 line on left side top menu bar.
3. Then you have to click on 'Create Page' menu. 
4. Now you have to give Name and description to your Facebook page. 
5. It's done.
Now you have created a Facebook page and you will ask how can I earn from Facebook page.

So here I am going to share with you 4 best and legit ways to make money from Facebook. 

1. Video Monetization 
2. Instant Articles 
3. Sponsorship
4. Affiliate Marketing 

1. Video Monetization — I think Facebook will be the biggest competitor of your favorite YouTube. Because now you can share your videos on Facebook page and earn money from Facebook.
You can share your thoughts, ideas and experiences through your videos on Facebook and make money from your videos. 

2. Instant Article — Before you share articles on Facebook and you don't get any money for this, but now you can make money on Facebook through Facebook Instant Article Program.

But now you can connect your blog or website to Facebook Instant Article and then Facebook will monetize your articles, you can earn money by sharing articles on Facebook page. 

3. Sponsorship — Know your Facebook page is being popular on Facebook and you are getting decent like and sharing on your post.

So you approach brand to promote their products and services, or they will contact you for their brand promotion, and you can charge fees whatever you want. 

4. Affiliate Marketing — Affiliate marketing is one of the greatest and most successful way to earn money online or Facebook, because you don't need any kind of special knowledge for it.

And you can start affiliate marketing whenever you want because it's free and easy anyone can make money from it, you can do affiliate marketing related to your page niche or topic.

I hope you enjoy this article and ways to earn money from Facebook, if like it so please share it with your friends and family members who want to make money from Facebook.  

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