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How To Make Money On Instagram With 3 Powerful And Proved Ways

How To Make Money On Instagram With 3 Powerful And Proved Ways

How To Make Money On Instagram With 3 Powerful And Proved Ways
How To Make Money On Instagram With 3 Powerful And Proved Ways

How to earn money on Instagram:
- Hello dear reader welcome to my blog, as you know nowadays we can make money from various ways.

Like if we look 5 year ago there was very limited ways to make money from online like you create a blog and can make some money with google AdSense and affiliate marketing., You can sell your own product on e-commerce site and from YouTube channel.

But now you have unlimited ways to earn money from online, like you can eran form your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, blog, apps etc.

And in this article we'll only talk about how you can make money from Instagram, Because so many people are earning lakhs of money from their Instagram followers.

Now you have some questions like —
How to get paid for Instagram posts?
How to earn from Instagram?
How to earn money through Instagram?

Here I am going to share with you 3 ways to you can earn money from Instagram.
1. Affiliate Marketing
2. Sponsorship
3. Sell Your Own Product

1. Affiliate Marketing — As I assume you are used to sharing post related to yoga and how to stay fit on Instagram and you have decent follower on your account.

So you can do affiliate marketing of products related to your Instagram page like yoga mate and herbal products and if anyone will buy from your link you will earn commission from it.

2. Sponsorship — If are an Instagram influencer who have millions of follower, so latterly you don't have to do anything.

Because brand will approach you themselves and you can tie up with brands and you can charge them fee each post related to their post.

3. Sell Your Own Product — If you're running your business and you have your own products to sale, and you have good amount of follower on your Instagram account.

So you can promote your own products and brand through your Instagram, and when you're selling your own products you can earn big amount of money.

Bonus Tip — If you want to grow your Instagram followers so these tip will help you.
1. Regularly upload good post related to your topic.
2. Use #hashtags with your post so that many people see your post.
3. Tag your friends and family members who are using Instagram and have good amount of followers.


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